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Eagle Mountain Expedition

South-western part of Polish turns out to be equally attractive to enthusiasts as well as hiking in the mountains east side. Although the mountains are a bit milder than the Tatra Mountains, but there are several peaks which are worth the climb. To arrange a trip to the areas Kłodzka Valley does not need much. If a trip will want to take a whole group of friends you can stay at cottages to rent year-round Duszniki Spa, where you can live freely, away from downtown and the crowds. Choosing alone or in-person only a few small group of thought, and certainly will be less expensive hostels or guesthouses. If the trip will be during the summer months can also be fair to the campsite or campsites.

Preferably before you leave make sure to plan the expedition route on each day. Making such plans in place may prove troublesome. It should obtain the guide, and selecting the top certainly be useful to map Duszniki Spa in order not to lose as well as not miss the most interesting places to visit and see the marching routes delineated. Map is also useful because if you walk the route will follow the Mountain Eagle, it's good to know exactly where the state boundary with the Czech Republic.

In many villages located in the Valley are organized events. After extensive travels, representative of the fair sex will be able to go to the SPA Duszniki Spa, where you spend a nice time relaxing, and the gentlemen will be able to cheer for some sports, drinking beer in the male group.

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